Trust The Tooth Fairy?

As a first aider, would you know what to do if someone knocked out a tooth? The advice has been updated recently and this injury isn’t always covered on a first aid course. So what should you do?
If it is an ‘adult’ or permanent tooth:

• Hold it at the end that sticks out from the gum – not the root end
• If it’s dirty you can either ask the casualty to lick it clean or rinse it briefly under cold running water – for no more than 10 seconds
• Try to put it back into the hole in the gum, then ask the casualty to bite onto a clean cloth to hold it in place.

If it does not go in easily you have some options;

– put it in saliva – ask the casualty to spit into a container
– ask the casualty to store it in their cheek if they are able and capable
– put it in milk
• Get to a dentist as soon as possible

Knocked-out tooth – NHS 

If it a baby ‘milk’ tooth do not attempt to put it back in as it may damage the adult tooth growing underneath. Your options here include:
• Giving it to the tooth fairy
• Adding it to the fallen-out-tooth collection in your special treasures tin
Or do an experiment on the fallen out milk tooth – The effects of different drinks on teeth – 2nd level Science – BBC Bitesize