Talking COSHH

What would you do if you got WD40 on your skin, bleach in your eye or inhaled fly spray? 

There is a lot of information already on the product to help you. A hazardous chemical symbol: a black symbol inside a red diamond is now the global method of explaining the hazard/s.

By law, every business must assess all chemicals, substances and organisms that could course harm as part of their Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSH) responsibilities.
Aly and Ali have been working with Brookfields Garden Centre to help with their COSHH review as part of their ongoing safety procedures. During the 1/2 day Principles of COSHH training course, the department mangers learnt about the current legislation on labelling of hazardous chemicals and substances. In the video below Andy talks about how the training will help the managers review their COSHH assessments.
For those interested, here is a quick guide to what the hazardous chemical labels mean and the new regulations that came into force January 2021.  Quick Guide to Hazardous Chemical Labelling

We have now added the QA Level 2 Principles of COSHH (1/2 day ) to our suite of Qualsafe qualifications. It is an OFQUAL regulated and nationally recognised, certificated qualification. You can join one of our courses either in our virtual classroom or in person at your business or organisation.
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