Food Safety

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Open your business safely? 
Here is a checklist based on Government and HSE advice.

RSPH Level 4 Managing Food Safety 
QA Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering, Retail or Manufacturing

QA Level 2 Food Safety in Catering, Retail or Manufacturing

QA Level 1 Induction Training for Food Safety in Catering, Retail or Manufacturing

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Bespoke Food Safety Training for all levels. These are not Nationally Accredited qualifications but they are certificated and will form part of your due diligence requirements.

Allergy Awareness Training
this is a bespoke course that links into the Allergy Audit. This can be a stand alone training session. Ideal for training the whole team to present a safe, well informed and consistent response to allergens.

Training Plan
Is training always getting out of hand and then becoming frantic, immediate and expensive? Do you end up sending staff for training and then they leave a few months later? We can set you up with a plan that helps you manage your training at the right time, for the right people, with the right qualification and gradually build skills and supervision  from new food handlers to experienced cooks and chefs. The plan will demonstrate to the EHO that you are giving your staff the correct skills at the right time and checking to make sure they really do know what they are doing. Training and confidence in management are key components for getting a 5-star rating for scores on the doors.

Food Standards Agency Safer Food Better Business Coaching Videos
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Zero to Five Service

If you are wanting to improve to a 5-star rating, we can help with our Zero to Five Service.  You will have access to an experienced Environmental Health Officer who will identify areas of non-compliance and discuss with you how you can achieve compliance in the best way to suit your business.

A whole host of services will be at your disposal to help you achieve your goal. It would involve an inspection or your premises and current documents, in depth discussion with the business manager and follow up inspection.
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Food Management System 

Is Safer Food Better Business working for you? It should be. It has been designed to provide a reliable source of information, promote safe working, give straightforward information to food handlers, plan, document and prompt future actions. If it is not working for you then maybe it is time for an ‘overhaul’. We can help you. It would involve an inspection or your premises and current documents, in depth discussion with the business manager and follow up inspection.
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Getting Allergy Aware

Food allergy is a serious and growing public health issue. Hospital admissions in England for allergy and anaphylaxis have risen by more than a third in the last five years.
On average, one person is admitted to hospital every 20 minutes, due to an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis – admissions for 2015-16 were 29,544 and in 2011-12 were 22,206 (Data from NHS Digital)

Allergy Management
This is an ideal time to overhaul your allergen procedures, training and response to customers. We can help. It would involve an inspection or your premises, auditing ingredients and menus and in depth discussion with the  business manager. We can offer a ‘one stop shop’ on auditing, allergy risk assessment, preparing the matrices and providing training.
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Key Courses

Level 1
Food Safety Awareness in Catering, Manufacturing or Retail.  These lay the foundation of your food safety training: a half day course. This training can be bespoke: set up to inform new starters of the industry expected requirements as well as your own specific procedures and protocols.

Level 2 Food Safety in Catering, Manufacturing or Retail (Formerly Basic Food Hygiene Courses)
Fundamental food safety training and hygiene knowledge for all food handlers: 1 day course (Ofqual Regulated Qualification accredited by Qualsafe Awards)

Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering, Manufacturing and Retail. During this 3 day course, Learners will explore how food business operators can ensure compliance with food safety legislation, good hygiene practice, how to implement food safety management procedures and the role of supervision in food safety management procedures. (Ofqual Regulated Qualification accredited by Qualsafe Awards)

Level 4 Managing Food Safety in Catering, Manufacturing and Retail.  This qualification covers all of the necessary aspects of food hygiene and safety in depth, providing candidates with thorough knowledge.  It concentrates on the need for programmes and procedures to be properly drawn up, introduced and monitored to ensure full compliance with the legislation.  This qualification is on The Education and Skills Funding Agency list of qualifications approved for funding. (Ofqual Regulated Qualification accredited by Qualsafe Awards)  More information RSPH

Food Safety, Refresher Course
Recommended refresher to take three yearly after completing the Level 2 Award in Food Safety: a half day course

Allergy Awareness
A 2 hour course which gives food handlers an overview of what the main allergy causing foods are, where they can be found in various foods, how they can be controlled and how to protect your customers. This will be taught making reference to your own Allergy Control Systems.

For Supervisors

Level 3
Supervising Food Safety in Catering (Formerly Intermediate Course) a 3 day course covering HACCP, Safer Food Better Business, Food Law, Microbiology, Food Bourne Illness, Dealing with inspections, Food Management Systems etc. Food safety training for those working in all food businesses at a supervisory level: 3 day course (Ofqual accredited)

Levels 2 and 3 for Manufacturing and catering
The courses explain and help develop practical skills and knowledge of how to implement and maintain HACCP within the Learner’s Food Business.

The OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcourses can easily be bolted onto a one day practical ‘HACCP in practice’ course. Learners are required to review and test their HACCP procedures and Critical Control Points and present their findings to the HACCP Team.


Safer Food Better Business Training
A 4 hour course which takes supervisors/ food handlers through the pack. This will be an opportunity to refine, develop and devise new systems to further improve your business operation and work your way to 5 Stars.

Safer Food Better Business Pack provides you with a recognised Food Safety System based on approved catering standards. It helps you manage the day to day and if an excellent information source for food handlers to refer to. For example the legal temperatures for food storage and cooking are clearly explained.

Safer Food Better Business Awareness Training

A 2 hour course which gives food handlers an overview of what the SFBB systems is, how it works and what food handlers must do with it. This is the way to getting 5 stars.