Covid-19 Reopening My Business Safely?

The Government and HSE have published specific advice to help protect you, your employees and your customers. Here is a summary.

Covid-19 – 5 Steps for Safer Working
Restaurants /Retail

1 Covid-19
Risk Assessment
Have you completed a Covid-19 risk assessment? If you need more help check out the HSE guide for Risk Assessments

2 Cleaning and Hygiene
Have you identified what needs cleaning, what with and how? Avoid common hand contact points such as door plates. If not a fire door, wedge it open during the work hours. Provide tissues/paper towel to act as a barrier for frequently shared equipment or assign equipment to individuals. Cleaning advice link

3 Working Differently
Do you need to work the way you did before? Can anyone work from home, at different times, different areas etc? Consult the workforce for ideas, they know their work activities best. Check this for more ideas

4 Keeping distance
Can the workforce easily keep to the 2-meter rule? Move workstations further apart if possible, alter the times certain items are prepared. If not possible try to orientate staff so they do not work face to face. Set up a one-way system. For more ideas

5 Controlling Transmission
Government advice (at the moment!) is to control transmission by separation and cleaning rather than just relying on face masks. “The evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you, but it may protect others if you are infected but have not developed symptoms.” quote and more about PPE

Remember to check the website for any updates.