Be Defibrillator Aware

Do you know where your nearest defibrillator is?

  • Take a photo showing the location
  • Make a simple map
  • Try to get the code from the organisation/charity that provided the device
  • Keep the information in your workplace first aid box
  • Have a plan about how you would access it in an emergency
  • Tell everyone in your workplace about it


    If the information is in your first aid box it can be quickly given to a helper or bystander in an emergency. Time is critical for a casualty in cardiac arrest. The sooner someone in cardiac arrest gets good CPR and early defibrillation from an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) the greater their chance of survival. Every second counts. If the person collecting the defibrillator struggles to find it then crucial minutes will be lost.
    On our courses, we are encouraging first aiders to visit their nearest AED and be familiar with how to get there and how to access the device. We want our first aiders to be prepared and not scared.
    Remember, if you are on you own, stay with the casualty, do CPR and call 999 immediately.

    Want to know how to use a defibrillator?
    Here is a short video made by the British Heart Foundation.

    Watch this video 

    If you would like a short defibrillator training session for your group, organisation or workplace then get in touch. You will have access to defibrillators and instruction and everyone will get to have a go.   Contact for more information