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Aly, Ali, Angela and Rajani

The workshops are exciting, packed with age and ability appropriate activities designed to engage and inspire. We would love to come an meet your class.  Please feel free to contact us about our themes, availability and prices.

A world of learning at your disposal

Chaturthi September 2020


Viking Village

Being Howard Carter and the Ancient Egyptians
Roman Life and Death
Crime and Punishment – science, biology, history and philosophy meet here
First Aid for Kids
The Americas – Tepees, Tapirs and Tepuis
Beneath our Feet and Rock Pooling
World war II – Major Pain and Mrs Pringle
World War I – working in a Casualty Clearing Station- stretchers, wounded, bandages and modern first aid
Spa Day – Mindful moments and exercises
Dance around the world
Brazil and the rain forest
Understanding the world – maps, globes and atlases
The Story Tent – Interactive stories and story building
A day in Africa
A day in India
A day in China
A day at Rio Carnival
Being healthy
Germ detectives – what are germs, where are they, what can we do about them
Chinese New Year
Holli – festival of colour
Holla Mohalla
Christmas around the world
All about Eggs- an alternative Easter
Vesak Day
Life as a Buddhist monk
Mindfulness – being in the now, hot rocks, smells, bells and cucumber eyes
All about toys
Creative crafts

And much more….