• If you need to perform CPR this is a medical emergency, the priority is CPR
  • The sooner we start CPR and get an AED the greater the chance of our casualty surviving
  • If you suspect COVID-19, instead of putting your ear close to the casualty’s mouth and nose to hear for breathing, look across the body and check for signs of breathing from the chest and tummy
  • If you cannot see any signs of breathing, ring 999 after you have given the details of the casualties condition explain that you suspect COVID-19
  • Start CPR, perform compressions only and call for an AED and get this set up as quickly as possible
  • Keep performing chest compressions and follow instructions on the AED. Swap over first aiders every 2 minutes to keep CPR rhythmical, deep and fast, continue until the paramedics advise you to stop.

Here is a link to the UK Resuscitation guidelines for dealing with a casualty with Coronavirus