Getting you trained and keeping us all safe

Now delivering:
-Paediatric First Aid 1 & 2 day
-Emergency First Aid at Work 1 day
-First Aid at Work Training 3 day & First Aid at Work Requalification 2 day

During this pandemic, we have to be safe, compliant, flexible and understanding and this is what we do best!
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Why you should wash your hands.

We have lots of alcohol hand gels, antibacterial scrubs why bother washing hands? We all know that there are microscopic organisms all around us. Most are harmless, and a few are harmful (germs). It is good to have a range of different microorganism because they compete and prevent any one group becoming dominant. Continue reading “Why you should wash your hands.”

Why Mental Health First Aid

Firstly we all have a brain, so we all have mental health. When we have good mental health, we are thinking and feeling well. No one is immune from episodes of ill-health especially during this pandemic.

When an employee has a health emergency, such as asthma or an angina attack the trained first aiders in your company can respond and deal with the crisis appropriately.

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Making First Aid Compliance Simple

By law, every employer must complete a ‘First Aid Needs Assessment’. Your Health and Safety Enforcement agency cannot tell you what you need. The First Aid Needs Assessment is similar to a Fire Safety Risk Assessment; it is specific to your premises, business type and your employees. Legally you must be able to prove that the first aid provision is ‘adequate and appropriate in the circumstances’.

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